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Thu,22 Feb 2018  English |   
PMA Anti-Radiation Technology Pte Ltd


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PMA Anti-Radiation Technology Pte Ltd ( view 4093)
PMA Anti-Radiation Technology Pte Ltd

The PMA group company was established in Hong Kong since 2004, specialize in high-tech materials and environmental protection. We enter into the radiation protection industry in chinese mainland in 2006. We cooperate with some military institutions creatively invent the special absorbing materials that made up of ferrite and dozens of rare element polymer, which can successfully minimize electromagnetic radiation. Base on this unique material, we developed the radiation protection product series, including the building coatings, cell phone cases, EMC cards etc.

All the products are patented, include the national certificate of design patent and the utility model patent.

We made a lot of different tests to proven the effect: such as The MORLAB SAR test report, the shielding effectiveness test by SIMT, the electric shielding effectiveness test reports. Korea and Japan, the Malaysia SIRIM test etc.

All the tests showed the PMA products have a great shielding effectiveness on the electromagnetic radiation.

Through the sustained huge investment in R&D, we are becoming the top one radiation protection brand in china and would like to cooperate with the customers all over the world.

Brand Attributes

Brand actively enterprising, innovation, teamwork, learning organization

Brand Slogan

Science & Technology • Health • A good life

Science & Technology --innovative high-tech industry is core motivation of PMA development;
Health -- PMA is devoted to providing delicate and good products for global customer in environmental protection and healthy civil anti-radiation field;
A good life -- PMA pursues to improve environment quality and build a good life for stakeholders like customers,staff,shareholder etc.

Main Office
PMA Anti-Radiation Technology Pte Ltd
635B Punggol Drive #16-623,
Singapore 822638.
Website: http://www.pma-antiradiation.com
Website: http://pma-antiradiation.newpages.com.sg
Other Locations (View Map)
Malaysia Office
31, Jalan 11/62A, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

PMA Anti-Radiation Technology Pte Ltd - Electromagnetic wave is produced because of electric current, where there is current there will be electromagnetic wave, therefore there is electromagnetic radiation. Human body is a conductor, it can absorb electromagnetic wave and digest part of electromagnetic wave. While other part that human body cannot digest, it will stay in body and react with cell, cause cancer cells increase quality, cause cells cytopathic effect, etc.