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Keentec Marketing And Enterprise Pte Ltd

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Keentec Marketing And Enterprise Pte Ltd ( view 7107)
Keentec Marketing And Enterprise Pte Ltd


The company was incorporated on 9 April 1994. With a paid up capital of RM 600,000.00.

The company has increased its paid up capital to RM 670,000.00 in year 2007 and will be upgrading to RM 1,000,000.00 in the coming year 2010 in order to upgrade its facilities for the benefit of its customers.

We believe that specialization in serving customer is more efficient and effective (Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction)

Our Mission

Keentec Marketing And Enterprise Pte Ltd success is rooted in its firm commitment to provide high performance products and stringent quality control at every stage of production up to the final product so as to achieve total customer & satisfaction.

We believe in attaining high quality standards to satisfy our customer's high technical requirements and to establish long term relationship with our valued customers.

We are not only provided high quality products but also strive to provide value-added services to our customers.

Our Values
  • Customer Satisfaction is essential to our success. It will be realized by recognizing and meeting their needs for quality products and services delivered in a timely manner.
  • Employees are critical to our long-term success. All will be treated with respect, dignity and fairness. We value, Simplicity, Discipline, Teamwork, reward employee’s innovation, critical thinking and their value-added contribution.
  • Constant training, e-training & upgrading of skills thus enhancing employee’s career advancement opportunity.
  • We will conduct our business activities with the highest integrity and ethical standards.
  • We will build strong and trustworthy business partnerships with our principal, suppliers and associates.
  • Optimize our business result through continuous improvement.
Future Plan

We are determined and committed to strengthen our manufacturing capabilities and capacity.

We will continue to strive for excellent in our quality standard and provide our customers with value-added services.

We have obtained the ISO 9002 certification earlier in DEC 2008 than we speculated in year 2010 therefore the company is ready to take part in a global expansion which will provide a better services in the local as well as oversea jobs and markets.

Main Office
Keentec Marketing And Enterprise Pte Ltd
Blk 1, Kaki Bukit Avenue,
3KB-1, #10-07,
Singapore 416087.
Website: http://www.keentecmarketing.com
Website: http://keentecmarketing.newpages.com.sg

Keentec Marketing And Enterprise Pte Ltd - Keentec Marketing And Enterprise Pte Ltd is a company that supplies high precision components, industrial automation system, jig & fixtures and fabrication. Our main office is located in Singapore.